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Script Fonts

Script fonts have the appearance of handwriting. All adjacent lowercase characters are joined together and are not affected by the Gap setting.

Adina 12-40mmAdina 12-40mm
Adina 25-100mmAdina 25-100mm
Braid 30-80mmBraid 30-80mm
Calligraph 15-50mmCalligraph 15-50mm
Casual 17-35mmCasual 17-35mm
Chateau 12-20mmChateau 12-20mm
Chateau 20-30mmChateau 20-30mm
Chateau Uniform 20-30mmChateau Uniform 20-30mm
Fable Brush 10-20mmFable Brush 10-20mm
Fable Brush 20-40mmFable Brush 20-40mm
Line Script 4-20mmLine Script 4-20mm
Lydia 15-30mmLydia 15-30mm
Lydia 30-60mmLydia 30-60mm
Lyra 15-50mmLyra 15-50mm
Lyra 25-70mmLyra 25-70mm
Marlow 10-15mmMarlow 10-15mm
Marlow 15-40mmMarlow 15-40mm
Nimbus 15-45mmNimbus 15-45mm
Ovation 12-30mmOvation 12-30mm
Ovation 30-60mmOvation 30-60mm
Palace 12-24mmPalace 12-24mm
Park 30-45mmPark 30-45mm
Patricia 10-35mmPatricia 10-35mm
Splinters 30-60mmSplinters 30-60mm
Stella 07-20mmStella 07-20mm
Stella 15-35mmStella 15-35mm
Stella 7-20mmStella 7-20mm
Valentina 08-15mmValentina 08-15mmAvailable in ULTRA
Valentina 12-40mmValentina 12-40mmAvailable in ULTRA